Eid El-Fitr 1442

May ALLAH accept all your deeds during this blessed months and grant you his mercy and acceptance.
As you know, tomorrow Thursday 13th 2021 is the day of 3EID (the first day of Shawal 1442).

The Aylmer mosque will be holding 6 3eid prayers. To reserve your spot in any of the first 3 prayers, please use one of the following links.

Please note that:

The online reservation will be opened at 1:00 pm today.

In person reservation for the last 3 prayers is closed as all reservation tickets were distributed yesterday during 3asr prayers
We need your patience and collaboration as the Aylmer mosque committee members are doing their best to suite all community members, but if by any chance you can`t have a spot for 3eid Prayers, by god`s will your reward is already granted.

Eid Prayer 1 at 7AM


Eid Prayer 2 at 7:30AM


Eid Prayer 3 at 8:00AM


Groupe WhatsApp de la mosquée

Pour des mises à jour instantanées, veuillez joindre le groupe WhatsApp de la mosquée en cliquant sur le lien suivant:


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