The Mosque of Aylmer

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The Mosque of Aylmer Vandalism


The Mosque of Aylmer

21 Park Street, Aylmer, QC, J9H 4J6

Phone: 819-684-9299



The Mosque of Aylmer Vandalized



On November 3rd, 2012, as the final preparations for the Celebration of Eid Al-Adha were in full speed in D'Arcy McGee High School, see the announcement in this link, the Mosque of Aylmer suffered an attack that resulted in  braking a large glass at the main entrance. See the picture below.

The Mosque of Aylmer's Main Entrance Glass Shattered.

The incident was discovered around 1h00 PM, just four hours before the beginning of the Eid celebration a few miles away. A call to 911 was made on the spot and a Gatineau police officer came within minutes to inspect the place and write a report. As explained to the police, we are certain that the incident happened after 1h00 AM since that was the last time we physically inspected the front door. More precisely, we highly suspect that it occured after 7h00 AM which was the last time Mosque staff members left after Fajr (dawn) prayer and did not notice anything abnormal.

Because of the placement of the glass debris in the inner side of the broken door, see the picture below, it is obvious that the hit came from outside. Also, the fact that no foreign object was found inside suggests that the object used to break the glass was taken away.

Glass debris between the broken outer door (left) and the inner door of the main entrance

Based on the circumstances of this incident, we came to the following conclusions and action items that we want to share with our Muslim community in Aylmer and the rest of the Canada capital region:

  • This incident is a deliberate act, and because of previous hate emails we have received,  we consider it to be motivated by hate.

  • The Muslim community in Gatineau is at risk of hate crimes. We wished this was an isolated incident but a previous attack on Gatineau Mosque just a few months before indicates that it is not the case.

  • The Mosque of Aylmer is in urgent need of a security infrastructure. This is now a top priority and cannot be delayed any further.

  • As a community and a visible minority, we have to continue our effrots to reach out to our neighbors and establish friendly relationships with them. In fact, we  invited Aylmer residents to our Eid celebration and many showed up and expressed their appreciations. Check this link for our invitation published in the Bulltin D'Aylmer.

Finally, we would like to thank our community members for their continuous support and also thank our neighbors who expressed sympathy for their kind words.

All the best.

The Board of the Mosque of Aylmer.


Monday 21st of August 2017

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